How Can I Help?

Buyer/Lessee Representation



Seller/Lessor Representation


Market Opinion


Searching for the right property?

A Realtor will...

  • Review the budget and pre-approval process, current needs and future plans
  • Offer insight into target areas that match search criteria and desired features
  • Conduct a property search leveraging diverse networks of motivated sellers
  • Profile in detail the properties of interest
  • Arrange viewings, assess opportunities and highlight/mitigate risks
  • For the property of choice, collect all relevant facts, create a price strategy, and prepare an attractive offer with favourable terms
  • Negotiate fair market value and optimize multiple offer situations as they arise
  • Upon acceptance, assist in arranging a solicitor, a mortgagee, and an inspection as required
  • Finally, manage contractual obligations and monitor transaction to a successful closing

Ready to go to market with your property?

A Realtor will...

  • Help prepare the property for sale to maximize its value proposition in the marketplace
  • Analyze opportunities and highlight/mitigate risks for strong competitive positioning
  • Develop a price strategy consistent with value offered and prevailing demand
  • Market the property leveraging pre-qualified buyers
  • Manage showings, respond to inquiries and provide feedback
  • Anticipate and respond to any change in market conditions
  • Negotiate and optimize multiple offer situations as they arise
  • Upon acceptance, manage contractual obligations and monitor transaction to successful closing

Thinking about Buying or Selling?

A Realtor will...

  • Understand your needs, preferences and real estate objectives
  • Provide a market opinion - a snapshot of the current market conditions including demand, competition and pricing
  • Create a comprehensive and personalized service plan
  • Ensure the initial consultations are informative, pressure free, and  provided at no obligation

Benefits of Realtor Representation

Beyond expertise...

Whether Buying or Selling, working with your own Realtor means that as a Client you have a professional who is bound by a legal obligation to represent your best interests - a real estate concierge who offers peace of mind, impartiality and convenience to help you achieve your goals and objectives...